July - Post Holes and Space Daggers

Space Dagger!
Apart from my latest project, which I made a seperate blog about here, there are a few things that are new this month. I am pleased to share a short article I wrote for The Post Hole, a very impressive and professional looking journal that is run by students at the University of York. I wrote a short piece related to the Teaching and Learning project I was involved in before I moved to Edinburgh, Archaeology Under the Microscope, that introduces microarchaeology and the importance of 'hands on' practical experience of laboratory work and microscopy in archaeology. You can access the article here, and do check out the rest of the website and previous issues. I also recieved a fab package in the post this month from fellow archaeology blogger Danny Welch, who writes an excellent blog, Archaeology Test Kitchen, about his experimental archaeology experiences making and using lithic artefacts. I present to you the Space Dagger, a nifty little tool hand crafted from obsidian with real sinew, pine pitch glue and antler. I keep thinking how lovely the crafting debris would look in thin section...and maybe I should conduct some organic residue analysis on the blade and glue...