Phytoliths from Catalhoyuk TP Area
The reeds decay, the wheat decays, and all
The silica preserves within the ground.
Remains of binding, and mats that lie beneath
Many a summer’s children dead and gone
A type of immortality -
Organics wither slowly in time’s arms
Here in the quiet depths of the earth
A white impression yet shows what once has been
A hidden record of the past
Deposited, now soon to be revealed.

Behold! This opal shadow, once a plant;
A fascinating glimpse into past choices
For fuel and crafts and fodder we can see
Phytoliths from Catalhoyuk South Area
A diverse array of use other than food!
I asked thee “show me your secrets”
Then didst thou grant mine asking with a glance
Through concave lens of ‘scope
Opal shapes, reveal the truth
Of all that was, in ashes.