Holidays in Academia

July has been very busy, and it appears to be August already! Finished the final analysis for Feeding Stonehenge and now in the process of writing up the research, and taking a short break before starting officially on the Ecology of Crusading project at the end of August. Though as they say taking a holiday in academia is just doing work somewhere else, so here I am in sunny Florida sorting through some of the submissions for the special issue of Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences journal, "Experimental Archaeology" that emerged from the conference we held at York at the beginning of the year. The deadline for submissions is aproaching, but there is still time to submit a paper for consideration, more details here.

In other archaeology related news, I just can't seem to get away from middens. Pensacola is full of historic archaeological stuff, including this gem. I'm still trying to work out the connection between the commanding officer's residence, the alligator skull and the turtle shell. A friend suggested they were betting on an amazingly lopsided deathmatch. I like this interpretation.

Alligator V Turtle - colonial entertainment in Florida