Goodbye USA, for now!

Finally back in the UK after 6 weeks in the US as a WUN visiting fellow at UW and subsequently conference participant at the SAA 77th Annual Meeting in Memphis. Since my previous update, I gave another seminar as part of UW Anthropology FAALS, this time on my micromorphology work at Catalhoyuk. Rather than giving the same presentation I normally do, I decided to incorporate some of the very latest work I've been doing at the site, including the analysis I did at UW, and even a bit of theory. It was great to get lots of questions and positive responses, and the discussion gave me some useful ideas on how to integrate larger scale spatial analysis with micromorphology (the focus of which, in my research at least, has been temporal). I was sad to have to leave UW after only 1 month - I intially thought this would be plenty of time, but it went by so quickly. Hopefully I'll be able to go back when my lab work with Feeding Stonehenge has finished.

Before returning to the UK I spent my last few days in the US at the SAA conference. I usually say that I'm not one for shopping much, but that is actually untrue. The book sales at conferences are evil. I think I probably spent more than the conference registration fee on books, most of which I had to leave in the US to pick up at a later date, as I couldn't fit them in my luggage. In actual work related conference news, my presentation went well. I had a poster of pilot work for the Ecology of Crusading project in the Geoarchaeology Interest Group sponsored session. Very much a work in progress and initial thoughts, but it was useful to discuss some of the techniques and ideas with other geoarchaeologists. I even managed to attend other (non-geoarch) sessions this year, including one that started at 8 in the morning. There were some interesting papers on experimental archaeology which will make great case studies for the forthcoming special issue on Experimental Archaeology which I am co-editing with my colleagues from the 6th Experimental Archaeology conference, more details coming soon.