Seminars and soils

It's less than two weeks until my visit to UW in Seattle now! I hear it's a great place for coffee, which I'm looking forward to almost as much as the actual research visit. Coffee is a great friend of mine that I met as a graduate student at Reading, and our relationship has gone from strength to strength ever since. Hopefully next week will be a bit less hectic than the week just passed, to give me some time to recover before a very intensive month of seminars and microscope work in Seattle. I've been travelling all over the place giving lectures including an introduction to Geoarchaeology for the MA Medieval Landscape at Reading, to Lipid chemistry for archaeologists for York's BSc Bioarchaeology, followed by a seminar on Microarchaeology and architectural materials in the Near East this past friday for our newly formed micromorphology research group. I appear to have almost lost my voice, but on the plus side I have convinced non-science students that geoarchaeology is great and microanalysis is the way forward. I highly recommend the tactic of distributing soils to play with in seminars. If there's one thing that archaeologists like to do it's play with dirt.

Check out the gleying in that section <3