Summer suddenly got very busy!

It's been just over 3 weeks since I got back from fieldwork in Sicily and I'm still missing the sun, and the fun of doing fieldwork. I had hoped to be doing more over the summer and getting on with microscope work for the Ness of Brodgar midden samples, but for various reasons that isn't looking likely. I have a mountain of admin  to get on top of, including sorting out adverts and interviews for a PhD studentship I have been awarded (exciting stuff, I'll post more about it when the advert is live), sorting out adverts for a postdoctoral position I have, related to a successful grant application (even more exciting, more details as soon as the grant details have been confirmed!). As the grant is joint with Bristol's Organic Geochemistry Unit, I also have to make a trip down there in August to sort out details and a work plan. Added to all of this is our website migration to a mobile responsive system. This is very welcome news as the current site is a bit out of date. As the resident social media/website person I am responsible for overseeing the new archaeology content, which is quite the challenge, as it involves rewriting a lot of existing material as well as creating new text and images. All in all, the last 3 weeks have gone from being an expectation of quiet contemplation and writing time, to super busy many things to sort out in the next month. This is good of course; after a year of settling in at Newcastle everything is suddenly gaining momentum, and I look forward to see where the slowly developing Wolfson lab group is in a years time!

I miss having this view for breakfast!