Call for Papers: European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2016, Geoarchaeology session

I am pleased to announce a session I am co-organizing at the EGU 2016, Geoarchaeology: Human adaptation to landscape changes, landscape resilience to human impact, and integrating palaeoenvironmental and archaeological records (GM6.2/SSS3.10), supported by the International Working Group on Geoarchaeology. If you are an archaeologist who has never been to a EGU I would highly recommend it - it gives you an important insight into work going on in the geoscience community, much of which is relevant to themes archaeologists are interested in. I first attended in 2010 (being lucky enough to be awarded an early career grant - see below), and I remember being very impressed my projects integrating historic documentary sources with climate data for example, in looking at human responses to environmental change, and if you are into isotopes, you are very likely to find the latest in cutting edge methods coming from the geoscience community. Likewise environmental archaeologists, come and learn about the new proxy methods that people are using for lake core analysis!

Our session is broadly geoarchaeology, with a focus on multidisciplinary approaches, integrating multiple datasets, and promoting a greater degree of interaction between archaeology and geosciences. So basically everything that I go on about in my blog all the time. Our keynote speaker is Professor Jamie Woodward, editor of Geoarchaeology journal and author of the popular The Ice Age: A Very Short Introduction. We are now accepting abstracts, which are open until January 13th 2016. However if you are an early career researcher (undergrad, postgrad or postdoc) and want to apply for financial support, you need to get your abstract in by December 1st. Any questions get in touch!