Musings from Mississippi

The not-so-glamorous bit afterwards
It's been rather quiet for me on the blog front in October especially after the flurry of postings in September. One reason is that I've been away in the US again, not for fieldwork or conferencing (the usual excuses) but to spend some time with my husband, a lovely Oregonion who is currently living in Florida and working along the gulf coast doing maritime archaeology. That means he gets paid to go sailing around on a boat in the lovely warm waters of the gulf, occassionally diving on shipwrecks and swimming with dolphins. Seriously. Suddenly my days in the lab playing with chemicals and ancient poop seems way less exciting.

So, not too much  to report from me; I've just been getting on with article corrections for a monster 30 page submission to Geoarchaeology (now accepted, hurrah!), finishing a new article on external areas at Catalhoyuk, and a multitude of writings and data analysis for the Ecology of Crusading project. I took a short break from writing to spend a few days with Drew in Mississippi, alas not out on the boat, though I did help clean the boat afterwards. Then I decided it would be quite fun if he wrote something about how much more exciting his days were than mine, so look out for a guest post coming soon!