Shall I compare thee to a pot of clay?

Shall I compare thee to a pot of clay?
Perhaps organic or sand tempered.
Your form and fabric over time decay,
Contact with water rehydroxylates.
Sometimes too hot the flame of kiln shines,
And often is the vessel warped and curved;
And every pot from pot sometime declines,
By chance, or taphonomic paths, preserved;
But thy lipid presence shall not fade,
The use of pottery for food can be assessed,
Petrography perhaps reveals how you were made,
Control of fire temporally progressed.
The wonders of ceramic technology,
Shift from PPN to PN prehistory.


  1. Thanks for post on Archaeololgy 12. Can you let us know what results you get on Monday on the Grooved Ware from Durrington Walls. Be interesting to see how that pans out over the next few days.
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