Sleepy in Seattle

Denny Hall
Day 6 in Seattle and time for a blog update. This is Denny Hall, my new home for the next month, which possibly rivals Kings Manor for one of the prettiest departmental exteriors where I've worked!

I appear to have arrived right at the beginning of Spring Break, which is rather handy as it gives me time to recover from jetlag before all the students get back. In addition to a spot of sightseeing and family meet ups over the weekend I met up with Dr Ben Marwick on monday, and was introduced to the microscope I will be working with over the coming month. It's great to be back at the microscope after being in the lab for so many months, and finally having time to analyse all the new micromorphology slides that have been accumulating since last summer. As well as research related activities, I am also giving a series of talks for the departmental lecture series, details here.

The UW campus is really beautiful. I was struck again by the way everything in the US is like a larger scale version of what we get in the UK. There is a quad on campus which is like a giant version of an Oxbridge college (this is only one half!):


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